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HBI & College

The college started with five students and is now located in almost 7 acres of land. It has developed over 11,400 men and women as transformational leaders who serve the Lord all over the world; rendering significant services to ecclesiastical, educational, para-ecclesiastical, missiological and sociological structures.

Why we exist?

We exist to serve the Church in equipping the called and the committed with word-centered scholastic information, relevant skills and Christ-like character, developing them as leaders to disciple the nations and bring transformation in the society.

What is our dream?

To see committed, competent, mature, Christ-like Missional Leaders in India and beyond, passionately engaged in discipling the nations and incarnating transformational movements in the Church and society.

What is important to us?

  • Passion for God and people – To inculcate passion for God and cultivate passionate love for the people.
  • Biblical authority – The Bible, the revealed Word of God is the basis, foundation and authority for life and ministry.
  • Servant leadership – It involves the process of imbibing the mind of Christ that endures to influence others by serving Him.
  • Personal and Academic Integrity – Strenuous efforts are taken to build and maintain personal as well as academic integrity.
  • Christ-like Character – To permeate the mind of Christ who emptied himself of heavenly glory to become human for humanity.
  • Church centered and Missional – We believe that the church is the body of Christ in and through which the mission of God is carried out into the world.

What is unique about us?

  • Developing competency in Biblical languages for sound exposition of the word – Great emphasis is given to develop competency in biblical Hebrew and Greek to equip the students to do sound exposition of the word.
  • Holistic and focused curriculum for Academic excellence – The curriculum gives Holistic approach enduring to build academic excellence.
  • Providing opportunities for spiritual growth and maturity – The students are given sufficient, tailor made opportunities for spiritual growth and maturity.
  • Identifying, developing and sharpening spiritual gifts – We endeavor to identify, develop, and sharpen spiritual gifts so that the leaders would serve the Lord effectively.