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Doctor of Philosophy in New Testament Studies

The PhD in New Testament Studies (NTS) of HBI looks forward to a generation of God-loving, Christ-honouring and bible-believing New Testament Scholar-Leaders for India and beyond.

The PhD in New Testament Studies (NTS) offered at Hindustan Bible Institute and College provide candidates with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the New Testament in its original linguistic, historical, socio-economic, political, and cultural contexts, gaining competencies in reading and understanding New Testament in its original Greek texts, exploring theological developments within the New Testament canon, and developing the ability to evaluate critically the contributions of modern interpreters and making original and significant contributions to the area of New Testament scholarship, that the candidates might make an impact on the wider theological and ecclesiological world.

• To enable the candidates to do creative, contemporary research that assumes, and is founded on, knowledge of the historical, philosophical, theological, and methodological issues of the chosen major area of study.
• To help the candidates to demonstrate exemplary skills in doing research in New Testament and will also demonstrate excellence in applying research to the benefit of church at large.
• To bring an awareness to use other interpretive criticisms, hermeneutical principles and methodologies.
• To make them understand the important theological issues prevalent in New Testament theology and its contributions to Biblical theology and Christian faith.
• To help them demonstrate knowledge of primary contributors to New Testament studies, both historical and current, and the nature of their contributions, utilizing appropriate research languages in addition to Hebrew and Greek.
• To help them develop the ability to understand and engage in New Testament studies within the broader context of theological method and worldview.

• Candidates would acquire a very strong foundation for the development of equipping and developing NT scholars, so the word of God will come alive and bring transformation in the lives of individuals, churches and communities.
• The candidates will develop the necessary skills to exegete the word and effectively apply the truth, teach, conduct research; that the candidates will not only have skills to understand the Word of God but also have the ability to apply the truth personally so that they may transcend the traditional practices and begin to reflect the kingdom realities in more meaningful ways and the world may see God and glorify the Father in Heaven.
• The candidates will develop a passion for multiplying themselves and leaving a legacy to the next generation.
• Candidates can also get equipped as translators with the skill of contextualization. Thus, HBI envisages developing a new generation of translators who are indigenous and contextual in nature.

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