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Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies

Vision and Mission
The PhD in Intercultural Studies of HBI looks forward to a generation of God-loving, Christ-honouring and bible-believing Scholar-Leaders for India and beyond. It mission is to equip scholars to be competent researchers, developing creative writing and reflective action from an integrated Christian worldview to contribute to new understandings of cross-cultural and multicultural issues

The students in this program will not only be skilled in the ability of reaching a people group and discipling them into a movement that will multiply themselves but also will have a clear awareness of what God is currently doing globally and locally in bringing people to Himself, growing His Church and strategies He is using to build His Church.


The purpose of the HBI PhD Intercultural Studies is to prepare candidates to be transformative missiologists to contribute to the development of cross-cultural leadership and intercultural praxis. It aims in developing leaders who can provide relevant, credible and professional leadership, to teach, do research and consultancy in developing Indigenous missional leaders.


1. To identify and recruit leaders with experience in ministry and leadership in order to equip them with professional, Missiological understanding and skills.

2. To provide an integrated Missiological centre that facilitates a learning community based on Kingdom values, Missiological ethos, academic integrity and relevant research.

3. To provide a unique program of study consisting of seminars, research, guided studies and on-going mentoring relationships that will provide a holistic Missiological understanding and skills.

4. To impact the church at large through seminars, publications, consultations and research to foster transformational movements and missional leaders.


1. Demonstrate research ability by engaging in original research around a pioneering missiological issues, problems, or opportunities.

2. Acquire advanced specialized knowledge of the literature of a chosen area within the field of Missiology with analytical and interpretive skills and mastery of theoretical construct in the field of their research in intercultural studies.

3. Acquire ability to actively participate as part of a community of scholars;

4. Demonstrate relevant anthropological, historical, and theological understandings and identify relevant and scholarly seminal works relevant to intercultural studies.

5. Engage in independent research and publication in intercultural, cross-cultural and multi-cultural studies.

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